Workshops & Training

Workshops and Training

Workshops on customer journey mapping, customer service, communication, up-selling, the changes in customer behaviour and the basics of social media for your destination are on offer. Workshops can be booked for destinations exclusively or for larger groups and we are more than happy to present these workshops at your premises at a time that suits you best. We are also willing to work around staff shifts and timetables, splitting groups into two or three to ensure that all staff are able to attend. Workshops that are popular by demand may be presented at pre-booked venues on selected dates. This is communicated to clients and followers via our different communication channels.

As former hospitality, tourism and communications lecturer, Owner and Managing Director, Renate Engelbrecht, is also more than willing to assist with part-time lectures and on-site training regarding the above mentioned topics.


Have a look at our various workshop offers below.

Are you struggling to figure out the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile? Would you like to promote your business through social media, but don’t know the lingo?

Would you like to increase your visibility on social media with the use of hashtags? Do you find it difficult to post content on social media every day? Then this is the perfect workshop for you! We teach delegates the basics of social media, focusing on Facebook and Twitter specifically, but we also touch on other platforms you would like to discuss like Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. Topics that we discuss include:

  • Creating Facebook and Twitter pages

  • Understanding Facebook profiles and pages

  • Talking the Twitter lingo

  • #Handling Hashtags

  • Best types of content

  • Best times to post contents

  • Scheduling your content a month in advance

  • Hands-on social media management


    There is a very thin line between adding to a customer’s experience and annoying customers. Would you like your employees to understand the importance of up-selling, but also the importance of HOW they up-sell your products and services to customers?.

    With this workshop, employees are empowered with customer knowledge and communication tools that will assist them in not only adding to your customers’ experiences, but also increasing profits. We look at:

  • Definition of up-selling

  • Thinking like a customer

  • How can I make the experience even better?

  • Looking into the future – How will the customer feel if…

  • What’s in it for me as employee?


    Knowing your customer’s expectations is a difficult task. Often it seems almost impossible. It’s very rare to find two customers whose expectations are exactly the same. Still, there are certain expectations that are inherent to a customer’s experience, which is why a customer journey map is so ideal! A customer journey map helps you to:

  • Think like a customer

  • Get to know the different customers

  • Understand the importance of interlinked departments

  • Look at things from both sides

  • Identify gaps in the customer’s experience

  • Fix the gaps in the customer’s experience

  • Identify additional ways to improve the customer’s experience

  • Stay on your toes

  • Motivate line staff

  • We offer customer journey mapping workshops all over South Africa (and even abroad) to assist hotels, guesthouses and restaurants to improve their customers’ journeys through your destination.


    Written, verbal and non-verbal communication all play a very important role in the customer’s journey and the experience within your destination. From reservation emails and comments on social media to a hearty welcome at reception and a smile from housekeeping as they pass you by – these are all touch points within a customer’s journey through your destination and something you cannot afford to neglect. In this workshop we talk about the importance of professional...

  • Email etiquette

  • Social media etiquette

  • Telecommunication

  • Verbal communication

  • Non-verbal communication

  • If you think your employees might learn something from this, call us today!